Woman, The beginning and the end

Woman, The beginning and the end

Woman. In this life, she became one of the crucial beginnings. In this life, she can be a fundamental end. The beginning and end of life can be said to depend on woman.

Woman, your  beauty is inspiring, your love is longing , your grumble is respected, a complement to men’s lives

True inspiration is that which is not self-destructive
True beauty is both morals and virtue
True love is beneficial in goodness to the contents of the earth
True grumbling is due to loving
The true compliment to life is the one who understands

A woman with her beauty, one of the creations of a capable Creator
Who will not be tired of the secret to continue to be studied
What will never run out of meaning to continue to be understood
Who will not get bored nuance to continue to be interpreted
Women, if examined, then understood, understood and interpreted, their true beauty will appear

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