Theories That Come Alive

Theories That Come Alive

A set of theories

From the point of view of practical jurisprudence, the text of the law contained in the books of fiqh is theories The application is practice. Such as prayer, zakah, prayer in the month of Ramazan, and others.

From the point of view of makrifat study, be it mysticism, the mysticism of ‘amaliy¬†or nazhriyi, ritual worship is still in the realm of theory. Can be said as a level theory. 2, level 1 theory is the text in the books. The practice of worship such as ritual prayers, zakat, prayer in the month of Ramadan, going on pilgrimage, etc. is still a theory. And the application is the morals of oral, written, and daily actions that become the nature, habits, and ‘brand’ of a self.

Therefore there are so many people who are experts in prayer, on time, sunnah and fardhu, tahajud, but cruel and rude. Fasting experts, sunnah and fardhu are cool, but envy and passion.

Zakah and Sadaqah experts, but verbally it is easy to insult, berate, pitting, and the like. Often go to Hajj, until Umrah can every month, but noble and oral morals who are fluent in science are completely invisible. Yes because they are still at the theoretical level, not yet an application.

Theories That Produce

Practical jurisprudence can produce rewards that can be hope in the hereafter, but the determinant of all is how good humans are towards themselves and other humans.

Therefore in the verses and hadith, the word that is often used in the encouragement of worship is ‘build’, ‘uphold’, and the like, represented by the word qiyyam / aqimu. Not or rarely represented by the word if’al (do it) and words that are as profound …

So whether our worship has been aqimu or af’ilu. Qiyaman or fa’lan / fa’ilaan / fi’aalan. Wazan or mauzun ??

Is our worship so far still letters, lafazh, kalam, or kalimah ?? Is it still limit by times and limit by places, or is it free ?? As fi’il, fa’il, or maf’ul ??

Like the theory “The best human among you is the most beneficial”

If at any time there is a disaster or disaster that befalls you and you ask: “Why can this be, why, I do not feel that I have done evil ?!”

Realize … Maybe these disasters and disaster are a reward from the hurt that other people suffer due to your writing, oral, and deeds. Which you are not aware of or feel that you have wronged the person.

Maybe the person you hurt doesn’t have the slightest intention of replying. But nature will process each zarrah in its territory, processed by its perfect system. Then manifest in small strands of taqdir that will form the final taqdir. That is what is known as qadha and qadhar strokes or the flow of al-‘adl.

Therefore every holy man in various ages must remind “be careful with your hands and tongue”. Because they know the danger very well. However, some people are sometimes unconscious and even want to blame others for the disaster and the disaster that happened to him.

Even though the disaster and the disaster were essentially the results of what he had planted. that disaster and disaster are loyal pets that will always return to their masters.

So, instead of taking a lot of time debating and questioning the ‘self’ of the disaster why not directly apply the “benefit” theory above. That has more benefits for those affected by the disaster.

Theory that manifests

Theory, as long as, as wide, and as sophisticated as anything will only remain a collection of numbers and letters that die if without ejawantah or amaliy form of man himself. It is up to anyone who wants to embody it, as long as the benefits of its breadth can be felt, then theories that originate only in ideas, collections of numbers and dead letters can come alive in human life.

If a collection of words and numbers of goodness have lived in human life, then human life will be in the form of Khairul Barriyah theory.

Hopefully, I and the readers can embody the whole theory of goodness to the maximum. At a minimum, at least one theory of goodness can be realized in amaliy, both amaliy born and inner amaliy.

Thank you for visiting and peacefully greeting … Cheers …

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