Disaster: The Secret

Disaster: The Secret

A slightly cloudy daytime atmosphere, accompanied by a soft breeze. Disaster for the lonely that was struck.

Student: “Master, a major disaster has occurred in a neighboring city. There are a lot of victims, in our area and other areas where there is a lot of debate, from people with degrees to ordinary people to debate, whether the natural disaster is God’s punishment or no, a lot of opinions circulating, what do you think? “

The Mentor : (… looking at the fading clouds, as the wind blows miserably … his face shows deep sadness) “What is what I think?”

Student: “Yes, which opinion do I have to believe?”

The Mentor: “My child … all you have to do is provide real assistance there if you can if you can’t, pray for those affected by the disaster to be able to pass through it firmly and safely”

Student: “Then what about the opinions circulating, teacher?”

The Mentor: “It is known as torture or not a natural disaster, it will not change the sad situation that was hit by the victims of the natural disaster into a happy situation. Important knowledge for those affected by the disaster is actually whether there will be a subsequent natural disaster or not. Important knowledge for not affected by a disaster is whether the natural disaster will spread to its region or not “

Student: “Then the natural disaster is torturing God or not a teacher … I am curious …”

The Mentor: “Yes indeed … man is alive and his death is the result of his curiosity, my son … God’s punishment for humans is twofold, large torture and small torture.
Large torment that results in death or severe damage to oneself, small torment that causes difficulties in everyday life.
Natural disasters are actually not the “self” of the torture itself, natural disasters for the earth are “self” repairs because the earth is set to repair itself in the event of damage to itself. So the process of self-improvement of this earth is known to humans as natural disasters.

How much natural disasters occur depends on how much damage to the earth itself needs to be repaired by the earth’s healing system. The “self” of the torment is the “blow” damage that affects the human self and its assets. Then every human being, even though he is hit by the same blow, sometimes the level of damage is different depending on the level of badness that has been done by that human”

Student: “ooh … so actually the natural disaster is not directed to torture humans, but the damage to human beings is the torture, then what about innocent victims who die, there are young children, there may be pious or good people, etc., why do you suffer from torture? “

The Mentor: “As I said earlier, that natural disasters are self-improvement processes carried out by the earth to repair the damage that is happening to him, now the repair process is known to humans as natural disasters, it can be God’s punishment for people who are guilty and become accidental accidents for innocent people, because the purpose of (known to humans as) natural disasters is to repair the damaged earth not to torture humans, because humans will not know who is guilty and who is not, then a good attitude when there is a natural disaster is to provide real assistance to disaster victims with something they need “.

Student: “Thank you for the explanation Master”

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