Spiritual Experience

Spiritual Experience

In this article, I will share some of the spiritual experiences shared by people who close to me. Happy reading.


Each human’s spiritual experience

Each human’s spiritual experience can be the same and can also be different. Some experience it in dreams and some experience it in a conscious state, some experience it after learning knowledge related to the spiritual, some experience it suddenly.

There are those who experience it at certain times and circumstances there are also those who experience it randomly. There are those who experience it after carrying out a certain ritual there are those who experience it while in a state of carrying out activities as usual in their daily lives.

Experiences like these are considered unique and special in human life because these experiences are usually accompanied by unusual and accompanied by extraordinary.

Many stories of unusual and extraordinary experiences are considered and known as spiritual experiences. Some people I know, both from family and friends, share their spiritual experiences.


My Grandfather Spiritual  Experience

This experience was told by my late grandfather when I was little. My grandfather was a military man in the republic’s first presidential era.

My grandfather was a handsome man, tall, well-built, smoked very strongly, the menu he liked was curry beef and curry chicken, hmm and I also participated in eating the two curries. It seems that my good looks are derived from my grandfather.

When I was little and cute, I and my mother lived with him in the village, while my father who was also a military man in the era of the second president of the republic had to carry out his military duties to East Timor.

In his room, his bed is an old-fashioned bed with a small cupboard at the top of his head, inside that small cupboard there are two unique objects, one of which is like a medium-sized knife, with a handle and a bright blue sheath, handle and the sheath is not patterned, the blue color is not like the color of paint, the color that seems to have been attached for a long time to the handle and the cover, the color that looks slippery, but when held it turns out to be very sticky in the hand. And the other is an object the size of an adult’s fist wrapped in a black cloth.

When I held it and saw it turned out to be a black stone. I asked grandfather about the two objects, he told me that the first thing that looked like a knife was known as Badik, the second object of the black stone wrapped in black cloth, he called it a winding stone.

Both of these objects he got from an unusual experience when he was carrying out his military duties.


Mysterious Object

On an assignment he gained the confidence to lead an army of more or less the same level as a squad when there was a shootout, grandfather’s forces were crushed and then surrounded.

The situation at that time was very unlikely that my  grandfather and his friends survived, at such times, when confidence that death is very near, usually humans will arrive at the point of total surrender to the Almighty, even my grandfather like that, he while retreating looking for a way to escape from the siege of the enemy who increasingly pushed into defense, he prayed that he and his troops be given salvation, my grandfather found shelter, a large stone that could be used as a shelter from enemy rifle fire that continued to rain on him and his friends.

Suddenly from above, there was an object that quickly shot toward my grandfather and the troops, who realized this was just my grandfather, he happened to be guarding the back of the team, for fear that an enemy might be ambushed from behind. And the thing that shot fast from above fell right in front of him, gasped for a moment, then like hypnotized grandfather immediately took that mysterious object, and the object that fell was apparently two objects, one like a knife with a handle and blue scabbard, and the one a black stone, did not think much because it was in a state of facing death, he put the two objects in his shirt pocket.

A barrage of rifle fire and the sound of the enemy’s body brushing the bushes that had been getting closer, suddenly gradually began to move away and continue to stay away from my grandfather and his team, with a feeling of relief and mindless my grandfather and his friends, accelerating the direction of retreat keep away from the voices of enemy troops who also keep away.

That’s the story of my grandfather get these two unique objects, which experience is considered by him is one of his spiritual experiences that will not be forgotten.


Unforgettable Spiritual Experience

An unforgettable experience was also shared by one of my friends, he told me about an experience that he considered a spiritual experience. He said he was often visited by someone, who then invited him to travel to many places in the archipelago.

According to those who invited him, he was telling the truth about some of the history in the archipelago that was contrary to the history known to the general public.

According to my best friend’s story, when the person who invited him around came, he felt his spirit coming out of his body, and my friend could see his own body that was sitting if in the Indonesian silat film the story was similar to when King Angling Darma performed the soul.

The event became unique and extraordinary because this friend of mine realized that he was not dreaming and was not sleeping. The process of his journey he was taken flying by the person who invited him, went to many places in the archipelago and told a lot of things about the history of the places he visited.

Then when finished giving his teachings, my friend was brought back to fly home, then returned to his body that was sitting, then continued the activity that was previously being carried out by my friend. 

According to my best friend’s story, this incident often happens repeatedly, comes with an indefinite or random time, and in a conscious state, aka not sleeping.

This experience according to him is extraordinary because he is like doing two activities at the same time with two different bodies but in one memory and one feeling.


Unique Kid

Regarding the unique memories and feelings also shared by my other friends, that there is a child who often tells me that he often meets me (I am told to accompany this child is me, Jalu Kaba), often eat together with me, often learn together with I, often travel with me, often confide in one another with me, and others.

I met this child only a few times, so he knew exactly and memorized correctly that it was me. This child in his daily life is a normal child, in the sense that this child is also in school, studying, grades are good at school, well normal and normal like other children.

What is unique and extraordinary from this child’s experience is, I am a friend in his daily life that other people can not see it, only he. He said as long as I accompanied him I always taught good things, always chatting good things, not inviting bad things, and even this child kept on doing activities like other normal kids when I wasn’t accompanying him. Hmm … unique kid.


Every Experience

Various experiences that are unusual, unique or even extraordinary may be many people who experience it. When I respond to stories like that, I say to those who tell their unique experiences, no matter how unusual, as unique as they are, and as extraordinary as any spiritual experience that is important is the result of that experience, whether that experience can change someone for the better or not.

Whether the experience makes a person more useful in the goodness of personal life, family and society or not, and most importantly the experience does not lead to things that harm, either harming oneself or others.

Every experience, both mediocre and extraordinary experiences, there are always things that can be used as lessons in them, lessons for humans to be better, more virtuous, more civilized, and more humane. As unique as any, as weird as anything, and as extraordinary as any experience as long as it does not harm yourself, family, and society need not worry.


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