Soul Maturity

Soul Maturity

My story is to illustrate the dialogue of life between immature souls and mature souls. To get to know nicely about the maturity of the soul that is understood from my experience.

Cipeundeuy Hill Sunlight Soul

The caress of the cool breeze of Cipeundeuy Hill, the splash of sunlight which began to probe, and the little fog bandage began to part in the morning. Today is the last day of April, the last day of every month is the day I always look forward to.

Because the next day on the first day of the following month my grandfather’s payday, which is already a ritual every month if my payday grandfather gets a gift, are invited to the market in the small town where I live to buy my favorite toy, which is a picture.

The next morning, I woke up early, then dressed neatly, gray short-sleeved shirt and brown trousers. My hair was neatly combed, with a Beatles-style edge, smooth hair with tancho-brand hair.

With a bit upset heart because the grandfather after the morning prayer goes to the garden has not yet returned, he said to tidy up the garden that has long grass, worried there will be many snakes that make nests. “Huh, it took a long time, grandfather, the picture maker will come home soon,” I complained to grandmother, “Patient good boy, grandpa coming home soon, just at six in the morning, still hurried,” my grandmother replied.

The sound of the kitchen door opening, came the sound of the grandfather’s greeting, “Horray … !!!” I shouted happily in my heart. Running to the kitchen kept whining, “Come on, Grandpa, hurry up, hurry up and go back to the picture maker …”,Yes, Grandpa took a bath first, going to the market with a smell of grass it’s not decent… haha”, my grandfather answered, I could only smile.

Wearing a green service dress with rows of decorations that he had received, my grandfather looked very handsome. By wearing sunglasses the more visible remnants of his good looks at a young age who are now wrapped in wrinkled skin of old age. Shiny black leather shoes, with a very loud sound while walking, still remember the sound of keto plan his grandfather’s shoes.

Jeez, I really aspire one day I want to be a soldier like my grandfather and father, so they look dashing like them.

Riding motorbike old red motorbike, my grandfather and I departed, usually, my aunt always joined, because grandfather and grandmother were worried that if they were not invited, my aunt would fight, but for today she didn’t come because it was not usual at this time when she was still sleeping.


The Old School Red Motorcycle Soul

The old school red motorcycle moaned the tide of the horses and bruuuummmm (motorcycle sound)… I and grandfather went to the market … “horraaaay …”, with a radiant face because I was happy to sit in front. The winds that began to blow hard to welcome my happy face.

Because the distance from where I live to the market is not too far when riding a motorcycle, then no less than half an hour I and grandfather have arrived at the market. Arriving at the market, I immediately guided Grandfather’s hand to the image craftsman who had become my customer every month.

Finally, my waiting for a month was released. I got a prize of 3 debits (a fairly thick sheet of paper containing about 30 images).

After getting what I want, Grandfather turns to guide me to his favorite snacks, cow curry, chicken curry, and goat curry.

After buying a few packages of curry we rushed to the parking lot, with a happy feeling I smiled brightly, Grandfather began to start the engine, I sat back on the red-old petrol station, we also shot home.

Accompanied by the gusts of the Malangbong (Small city in west java) mountain breeze, all the way home I had already imagined I would show the collection of the latest pictures to my friends later.

The breeze was cloudy and the sound of little birds in the mango tree made me realize from my daydreams.


Picture of SoulĀ 

In my childhood, I described the souls of immature humans, grandfather described the souls of adult humans. The immature soul is always full of desires, passionate desires, and indifference to the state of others.

Like me when I woke up in the morning, my neat clothes, my sense of pleasure, my desire to beat me, my frustration and my whining were only because I wanted a thing or thing, which is a picture.

I did not care and did not think at all Grandfather tired or did not come home from the garden, the important thing for me Grandfather must fulfill my wishes.

My grandfather is a picture of the souls of men who have matured, who are patient, calm, full of understanding, selfless, and gentle on the souls who are not yet mature.

No matter how tired he was after returning from the garden, he continued to behave and speak softly in the face of my frustration and whining. Then in his fatigue, he wanted to fulfill my wishes without complaining, without anger, and without haste.

The immature soul will always be filled with the nature and attitude of always being in a hurry. Not thinking about the aftereffects of his haste, what matters to him is that all his desires and desires can be fulfilled immediately.

Then the soul that is immature has a minimum sense of understanding, always denounces what is different from him, insults what he disapproves of, reviles what he hates, and prejudices what he does not know.

Then the soul that has not matured consciously or not when liking something or someone then he will worship as high as possible, will flatter as beautiful as what he craves, will boast with what he believes, and will assume absolutely everything that he knows absolutely.

An adult soul will always be filled with calm nature and attitude. Always think of the next effect of each action is not concerned with his own desires. For mature souls, the importance is not so important because for him the maturity of the soul itself is sufficient.

Then if there is a passionate desire of an adult soul, then this desire or this passionate desire is the desire to always take lessons from everything that happens in his life.

The mature soul never denounces what it disapproves of, never insults what it is not convinced of, is full of understanding of all, because it knows everything and or every person has a certain capacity, certain achievements, and a certain size in his life.

Then the mature soul is full of caution in liking, believing, hating, facing, backing, supervising, and overcoming everything, because he knows that in everything there are things that he does not or does not know, wherein the things he does not know or do not know it just might be something that can have a positive or negative impact on him.

And a man who has matured in his soul will never feel that what he already knows is absolute truth because he realizes that the knowledge that he knows is not even when compared to the grains of sand or dust grains in this world.

He never prejudiced against what he didn’t know yet. For those who don’t yet know, he will study, find out, and confirm if necessary. Quietness and vigilance are always present in the intentions, tastes, intellect, thoughts, and actions of an adult soul.


Can Live Together

As I described as a child with Grandfather, although the nature of the two is very contradictory to the mature human soul and the immature human soul can live together, side by side and together in life.

An immature soul can make an adult soul become his teacher, his best friend, his parents, and his discussion partner. Then make a man whose souls have grown into an example for him so that he is motivated to become better.

While an adult soul can make a human whose soul is immature to become a means for him to train his patience, calmness, alertness, determination, and depth of understanding. And become a ladder to make himself better too.

The afternoon was increasingly cloudy, the thunder of thunder responded to each other, and the little birds in the mango tree began to fly toward their nests. I flew back into a daydream.

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