Religion as knowledge or egoism

Religion as knowledge or egoism

Religion as knowledge will be explained according to data in history. Like the data that there is no doubt that there are many sects in the religions, neither one nor two, but very much.

Religion as a personal egoism to the group will be explained that the true religion is only one, namely the personal version of religion and the group is right, faith other than those espoused by individuals and groups is false and wrong.

Examples of egotism are people who write or say, my faith in the sect that I profess is the true religion. Besides, it is false and misguided, and so on.

Whereas the scholars are aware that the religion with the sect they profess is the result of the thought of ordinary people who “go to school” and then use the results of “school” to understand the religious data available. Even the scholars are aware, that the primary source of the religious teachings they profess, namely the words of the prophets, it is all also the result of a hard effort in thinking.

Yes, looking for an explanation of knowledge as pure knowledge is difficult because every human being must have an interest, whether personal or group interests.

Blessed if you already get a “place” shelter in “draw” pure knowledge as science, not science that is the guise of self and group selfishness.

Humans can maintain the purity of knowledge as an independent entity, as long as humans are able to control their ego and are able to control their desires.

Because the ego and the desire if not able to be controlled by humans, then they both will control humans.

Humans who have been controlled by the ego and desire will be very dangerous for the existence of other human tranquility and the natural surroundings.

Because humans who have been controlled by ego and desire will tend to do a lot of damage and harm to the planet and all of its contents.

Keep to be a human who is able to control the ego and desires, so that knowledge remains independent as a tool to help humans be more human. To help humans make this world better and more peaceful

 Cheers …

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