Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life

One night with a dark atmosphere,  whose sky is decorated with the stars, decorating life on this planet …

Student: “Teacher, what is life?”

The Mentor: “Life is when your essence manifests in and in your physique”

Student: “How do I make my essence manifest in and in my physique?”

The Mentor: “Understand exactly when you move up, when exactly you move down, and when exactly you are silent.

Understand exactly when you are moving alone, together and in groups.

When exactly are you behind the scenes and when exactly are in front of the screen.

When exactly did you invite to move up, down, and or be quiet?

When exactly do you share, cooperate with each other, strengthen each other, and or give each other a chance?

You ideally understand where and what is place and time. You understand when you become a newscaster and when you become a news anchor When to become a system that invites downward movement. 

When is positioned as a system that invites silence?

And so it goes … hopefully, you will understand my child … “.

Student: “Excellent, hopefully, I understand and can make it happen, Teacher”.

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