In Chaos, This Is The Action That Must Be Taken

In Chaos, This Is The Action That Must Be Taken

The melodious sound of night animals decorates the faint atmosphere of the foothills of the mountains whose sky is in chaos, because decorated with twinkling stars.

Student: “Master, in a time of turmoil and chaos, where religious scholars disagree with one another and among his followers there is a dispute. Even sometimes the religious experts themselves who invite or teach to always fight and divide. What should I do ?”

The Mentor: “Don’t join in the commotion. Don’t ‘ be driven’ and don’t ‘ride’ ”

Student: “What do you mean don’t be ‘driven”?

The Mentor: “Do not let you be used by the warring parties to fulfill their interests?”

Student: “What do you mean do not ‘ride'”?

Teacher: “You must not enter into the division and dispute, then you use one party or both parties to fulfill your personal or your group interest”

Student: “Among the religious experts who were fighting and dividing, which religious expert should I follow?”

The Mentor: “follow religious experts who act as mediators. Religious experts who try to reduce chaos, reconcile, reunite those who are divided or who minimize disunity so as not to become more widespread. And religious experts who speak more benefit in kindness to humanity and the environment. And religious experts who have never provoked dissension, division, debate, and insulting one another “.

Student: “Are there religious experts like that?”

The Mentor: “My children, they exist even though they may be very few and be hated if there were none, humans might have been destroyed for a long time because of dissension, division, and warfare”.

Student: “Where do I look for the teachers?”

The Mentor: “Hmm .. What is clear, where they are you will feel the peace of life that you have never felt before. Both, your outer life and your inner life “.

Student: “How cool … I hope I can find them”

The Mentor: “Rest assured you can, as long as you remain steadfast in goodness and knowledge, who knows when maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or one day there will definitely be one of them approaching you without thinking. Then he will guide your life. Live your life and live your heart “.

Student: “Pray for me to remain steadfast in the goodness and knowledge of the teacher”

The Mentor: “I will always pray for my child”

The gusts of the night wind which was initially rather strong now moved to become a soft breeze as if giving a whisper to other natural elements …

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