God-Made Religion or Man-Made Religion

God-Made Religion or Man-Made Religion


In a period and an era where some religious experts tried to unite religion with lust into a single entity.

Then embodied the expression of diversity that tolerated defiance of the rules of delivery of the saints, and became a religion of sex, money, malignancy, off thinking, blood, beheading, division, mutual slaughter, etc.

Although it is very difficult to explain why the religion above can get many followers. But the amazement will disappear if it is known why, this type of faith can be in any religion, whether it’s Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and others. Because this religion is actually made by human slave passions who become stowaways in religion.

They can be a part of their leaders or they can be a part of their laypeople. If they are part of the leaders, then they are mostly from academically educated people. Then the knowledge gained from his academic education was made into a harness in realizing his desire for lust. Argumentability is argued as a weapon of damage everywhere.

If adherents of this type of religion come from ordinary to middle classes, then most of them make religious arguments from religious leaders (religious leaders who are certainly part of the same type of religious adherents) as validation for their brutal deeds.


God-made Religion

On the other hand, there are some religious experts who try to introduce the concept of religion by uniting themselves with God.

Namely the effort to minimize the mastery of lust towards the body and the human soul, wherein this concept the effort is as strong as possible manifesting God’s attributes in human behavior, so religion is love, kindness, hope, anxiety is far from God, Fear of being “ignored” by God, sacrifice, pain if misbehave, sadness if hurt others, and others and others.

In this and future period, this episode will continue over and over again. When the time will speak, which concept of religion will dominate.

Ignorance is not dangerous if it is not directed by those who have evil or bad interests. Ignorance becomes dangerous if it has been controlled and then directed by people with evil or bad interests to fulfill their desires.

Satisfaction, even if pursued to the end of the age will be endless. Even if humans are given a million lives, if they pursue satisfaction it will never be enough.

In this and future period, this episode will continue over and over again. When the time will speak, which concept will dominate.

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