Age Decreases

Age Decreases

Age decreases, body strength weakens, opportunities to do good are fewer, opportunities to do evil are still there.

With age decreasing the mind must become more mature, the more mature sense, the more mature behavior.

But what can I say the ideal size is sometimes difficult to achieve, whether because of lazy trying to reach it or because of confused how.

With the weakening of the strength of the body, the self must realize that the more and more the strength will continue to weaken, which will not weaken and become fierier it will only lust, which if followed will never be satisfied, will never be.

Consciously or not this self every day stepping on the road that ends the road is death, the end of the road no human can avoid it.

There are fewer opportunities to do good, do not know how long the opportunity will exist, do not know when the opportunity will end.

Ideally, if you realize this, improve yourself, the bad that has been lost, either by apologizing or by giving charity or by other good deeds that can make up for the past, yes the past, the future that humans will harvest now, later and or later.

Realizing the opportunity to do evil is still there. Making it tired indeed, very tired of trying not to be evil, very tired, this mind, this feeling, oral, this writing if not evil seems very itchy.

It seems that this self always desires every day at least must be able to hurt the thoughts and feelings of others, but strangely not tired, even fun, exciting, and addictive. Realized or not, but that’s the reality.

Hmm … O self, and hey O me, you also O soul, and you O reason, you also O taste, then you O life, let’s try to be better, and better, at least try not to be evil, as much as we can, as much as we can.


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