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Peace to The Universe

Hi …, 🖐🏻😊 .. I am Jalu Kaba X or JX or Jalu Kaba, I am the owner, author, web developer, and web designer of this blog.

Jalu Kaba
Jalu Kaba

This blog discusses issues related to  mysticism, Spirituality, wisdom, occult problems, mystical problems, Sufism studies, irfani studies, and those related to these things.

I make and write in this blog not to be a mentor, teacher, Murshid, tutor, counselor, educator, teacher, murrabi, and the like. Because I’m too is still learning to be a better human being. It is far and far away for me to declare myself an expert, self-claim to be a mentor, teacher, Murshid, tutor, mentor, educator, teacher, murrabi, and the like.

I created this blog, and I wrote the content to accompany people who are on the journey of spiritual, kabuhunan, mystical, wisdom, mysticism, irfan, and the like. With the hope that my writings can at least help add fragments of answers and fragments of instructions from spiritual puzzles, spiritual codes, self-passwords, and the like. That’s being collected by you on your spiritual journey.

So the readers do not call or consider me as an expert, mentor, teacher, Murshid, tutor, mentor, educator, teacher, murrabi, and the like. Because maybe you are more expert and better than me in the field of these studies.

Readers may consider me as a friend or friend or brother, or maybe just someone who has ride past on the spiritual journey. Therefore my writings in this blog are not teaching or giving instructions or patronizing or advising, and similar to that. But it is more about sharing experiences or just discussion.

The existence of this website or blog specifically I dedicate to people who are never tired to trust me, support me, love me, continue to convince me, keep encouraging me and always apply to me with no boredom. I thank you infinitely for you all.

Write what I want to write …
What I hope for everything I write can bring benefits in kindness to anyone who needs … maybe what I have written is not fully able to be done …
At least I have tried to convey what I feel needs to be conveyed, based on the knowledge that I have gained in this life journey.
And I will hopefully be able to carry out well what I have written, with and in kindness.

Thank you for visiting this blog, happy reading for those who read and hopefully help is also useful in goodness for those in need. Always Greetings of Peace. Cheeers..



Soul Alive


Soul …
what are you doing in there?
Oh, soul … this is my longing for …
Oh, my body … are you doing it here?
Oh, my body … hurry up to my soul …
Oh, my body and my soul … here
Come here … Oh, my body and my soul …
live in life …
Life’s soul …

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