101 Mysticism and Spirituality

101 Mysticism and Spirituality

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Mysticism.pro its a blog are containing the discussed issue of mysticism and spirituality. Humans have a lot of potentials to be good natural managers. Bad and badness manifest in human life because human beings themselves choose to be bad or bad. And consciously or unconsciously follow the path to good or bad.


The Physical Side

Mysticism.pro discussed the issue of mysticism and spirituality. From the side of physical. The human self has a weak side of physical, but if humans are able to explore and then turn on the potential that exists in themselves, then the weak side of the physical will change.

Can be the side born of humans who can even reach the super level. Namely where humans are able to live all the good potential in themselves, from the potential of the good, the strong to the potential of the goods, even the true humane.


Inner Side

Mysticism spirituality. The human self has a heart that tends to blaze, but if humans are able to explore and then turn on the potential that exists in him, then the inner side which tends to blaze will turn into a cool inner side, calming, comforting, and harmful.


Solid Foundation of Goodness

All the potential that exists in humans if able to be explored, turned on, then managed well, also manifested in goodness, then what is called fulfillment in the form of the perfect human.

The Living Soul

Oh, soul .. what are you doing in there?
it’s me being missed…
Oh, my body .. are you neglected here?
hurry up to my soul…

Oh, my body and my soul .. come here.
live life …

Living soul

Mysticism, religion, and spirituality

Human bits of intelligence develop and co-unite in dealing with something that can interfere with their physical health. No matter how small it is.

Then what about something that can interfere with the health of spiritual bodies, whether human intelligence also creates technology to react to it? The answer is Yes. Humans with intelligence have created a science to address this.

Science is known in various names and terms in accordance with the language and culture in which humans created the knowledge. This knowledge is known as spirituality study, Irfan, Sufism, wisdom, mysticism, ancient science, highest knowledge, etc.

So what is studied in spiritual science, Irfan, Sufism, wisdom, mysticism, spirituality, ancient science, highest knowledge, etc.? What was studied is very much and will continue to grow.

However, the main foundations for these studies are:


 Outer Side

Is the side of the study that discusses the dimensions of humanity based on what can be felt by the senses of the body.


The Ways of Life

Is the side of the study that discusses the dimensions of the human journey in taking suluk, riyadhah, wirid, meditation, asceticism, and others. Where the man aims to be more about himself and his creator.


The Truth Behind The Truth

It is the side of the study that discusses the deepest dimension of every being in the universe. Both the existence of the body and the existence of spirit. It is in this study that efforts to revive the spiritual senses begin and are then developed.

The Hiden Knowledge

Is the side of the study that discusses the unification of shari’a, tariqa, and ma’rifah. Where when this union is successful and then becomes established, then there is a second birth for humans after the first birth (birth from the mother’s womb to the world).

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“Loneliness is torturous, but it is a risk if it continues to fly up and dive deeper.”

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